by sizuhiko

PHP Matsuri2012を終えて 〜 Retrospective of PHP Matsuri 2012 in Fukuoka

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On this year, PHP Matsuri had convened of 3rd time around.
The participant who first timer and the repeater are split 50:50.
It become common composition of the participant in the event of 100 person scale.

As a motive of participation are followings:
1. Repeater brings the friend of the first participation.
2. Participant in the vicinity who saw last year’s article
3. Enthusiastic fan

I think that PHP Matsuri has become a annual event at late autumn.

As the PHP Matsuri staff, this maybe first post. So I stop it only in an easy summary.
To be continues and the details are posted by DANCHO.

PHP Matsuriも3回目の開催となりました。
1. リピーターの人が初参加の友人を連れてくる
2. 去年の記事を見た、近隣の参加者
3. 熱狂的ファン

そういう意味でPHP Matsuriは晩秋の恒例行事となってきたのではないかと思います。

PHP Matsuri 青年団の最初をきって書くので、簡単なまとめだけに留めたいと思います。詳しくは団長が…..


It had been offered by many sponsors from the enterprise to the individual.
As a result, a very gorgeous prize was able to be prepared. And, it became a very happy event.
I’m really thankful.


This year’s challenge:

The 1st time and the 2nd times were the same hotel groups.
It is easy to have done arrangements and the preparation about the hall.
However, this year of the third times was a hall of “Fukuoka Prefecture Ruby and contents industry promotion center” that a public organization manages .
(The hotel prepared it until last year. )Because the task had increased, the staff became busy.
However, the registration fee became low price, and the prize of LT became gorgeous.


This is good:

It is some the improved points that it is a few problem until last year
1. The wifi doesn’t disconnect. We think that we solved the problem of the network because we have controlled the connection with 3 access point.
2. Just good temperature.
There were some comments that it was cold, too. However, I think the improvement to have been done since last year (Because the hall is too wide and air-conditioning was not effective).
3. Neither the conference nor the workshop get entangled. it became a concentrating workshop by using another conference room.

1. 無線が切れない。うまく分散することで、ネットワークの問題はなかったと思います
2. ちょうど良い温度。若干寒いというご意見もありましたが、昨年は会場が広すぎて空調が効かなかったりしたので、改善はされていたと思います
3. 講演とワークショップが混線しない。会議室が別だったこともあり、ワークショップを集中して開催できたと思います

Important things :

These are important thing in the event. I think that I was able to do this this year.
1. We are nice smile
2. It doesn’t become loneliness. If first timer that there was not a friend either, then I think that they were able to exchange it at the ice break and break-time.
3. Meal is delicious.
4. Wanna become repeater. I think this to be feelings that each one was able to take home.

1. みんな笑顔
2. ボッチを作らない。もちろん始めての参加で友人もいなかったという人もいると思いますが、アイスブレークや食事時間に交流できたと思います
3. 食事が美味しい
4. また参加したくなる。これは参加者皆さんが持ち帰っていただけた気持ちと期待しています

At last, My presentation:

In this year, I had plan to make demonstrate application look like the micro framework with using followings component:

The demonstration was not complete.
When the sample application program became runnable a little more well, I want to announce in Blog or the PHP study meet up.


で、結局 Respectのバグっぽい箇所をふんでしまって、朝方6時ぐらいに Rails Routerに切り替えたけど、こっちはこっちでうまく動作しなくて、8時ぐらいに元鞘に。うまく動いている箇所だけで発表しました。

See you PHP Matsuri 2013 (maybe HOKKAIDO) !!

また来年のPHP Matsuri(たぶん北海道)で会いましょう